Current Dissertations

Below, you will find a list of Ph.D. students currently writing dissertations and their dissertation committees. To view a list of completed dissertations, please see our Past Dissertations page.

Paul Berghaus
Working Title: Amor Fati: A Palliative Approach to Soldiers’ Recovery from Tragedy-based Moral Injury
Director: Frank Ambrosio; Committee: Nancy Sherman and Terry Pinkard

Dominick Cooper
Working Title: Capital and the Normativity of Political Philosophy
Director: Henry Richardson; Committee: Femi Táíwò and Stefan Eich (GU Government Department)

MaryKate Gaurke
Working Title: A Phenomenological Account of Being-in-the-World With Dementia
Director: Daniel Sulmasy; Committee: Kate Withy and Alisa Carse

Genevieve Hayman
Working Title: Philosophy and Science: Entangled Practices and Collaborative Engagement
Director: Bryce Huebner; Committee: James Mattingly and Quill Kukla

McKay Holland
Working Title: Extending Agency: Home, Niche Construction, and Relational Autonomy
Director: Bryce Huebner; Committee: Karen Stohr and Alisa Carse

Chris Kochevar
Working Title: Psychedelic Action, Phenomenology, and Bioethics
Director: Bryce Huebner; Committee: Kate Withy and Sean Aas

Philipp Kremers
Working Title: Essays on Systems-Oriented Social Epistemology
Director: John Greco; Committee: Quill Kukla, Mark Lance, Will Fleisher

Emma Nagler
Quill Kukla, Bryce Huebner, Kate Withy, and Shelbi Nahwilet Meissner

Elisa Reverman
Working Title: Patient Testimony
Director: John Greco; Committee: Quill Kukla, Joel Michael Reynolds, and Marissa Frond

Andy Sullivan
Working Title: Motivating a historicist approach to reasons for action (and why a historicist approach does not entail relativism about practical rationality)
Committee: Terry Pinkard, Mark Murphy, and Henry Richardson

Omar Talhouk
Working Title: Does Metaphysics Explain? An Interpretation of the Function of Metaphysics
Director: Bryce Huebner; Committee: James Mattingly and Huaping Lu-Adler

Molly Wilder
Working Title: Ambassadors of Pluralism: The Lawyerly Virtue of Autonomy Promotion
Director: David Luban; Committee: Nancy Sherman and Robin West

Ari Watson
Working Title: The Coercive Force of Precarity: Blackness, Racial Terror, and the (Re)Production of Precarity in the United States
Director: Femi Táíwò; Committee: Quill Kukla, Alisa Carse, and Joel Michael Reynolds