Department Life & Grad Student Groups

The Department of Philosophy has a robust graduate program with a range of extra-curricular engagements available for students. Currently, graduate students frequently participate in the Pluralistic Philosophy Workshop.

The Pluralistic Philosophy Workshop

The Pluralistic Philosophy Workshop is a forum for graduate students to discuss ongoing work and developing interests in a variety of philosophical areas. It provides a setting for high-level discussion in which some background in relevant material can be assumed. Meetings are devoted primarily to presentation and discussion of graduate student papers or dissertation chapters, and secondarily to critical discussion of a text or texts. The workshop also invites outside speakers on occasion. In addition to its academic function, the workshop serves a social function. It brings together graduate students from all stages of the program who are united by a common interest in advanced philosophical work. The PPW evolved from the European Philosophy Workshop, and preference may be given to proposals that engage with post-Kantian European Philosophy and its intellectual relatives, including phenomenology, critical theory, and comparative work.

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Philosophy & Disability Workshop Reading Group

The Philosophy & Disability Workshop Reading Group is a forum for graduate students, professors, and others in the fields of Philosophy and Disability Studies to discuss readings on both Philosophy of Disability and Disabled Philosophy. Participants will also have opportunities to present works in progress. While led by Georgetown graduate students, the workshop is open to anyone in the field. The upcoming Fall 2022 workshop will include discussion of Jasbir Puar’s The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability.

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