Visiting and Part-Time Instructors

Adjunct Instructors

Paul Cudney
Adjunct Instructor
PhD 2018 Georgetown

Benjamin Elzinga
Adjunct Instructor
PhD 2018 Georgetown

Mark MacCarthy
Adjunct Professor of Communications, Culture, and Technology
PhD Indiana 1975

Joshua Miller
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of the Education for the Prison and Justice Initiative, and Managing Director of the Georgetown Pivot Program
PhD. Penn State 2010

Thomas Mulherin
Adjunct Instructor
PhD Notre Dame 2012

James Olsen
Adjunct Instructor; Program Manager for Faculty Initiatives, CNDLS
PhD Georgetown 2013

David Pratt
Orthodox Christian Chaplain
PhD Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

David Williams
Adjunct Lecturer
PhD 2003 U of Chicago

Teaching Associates

Clark Donley
Teaching Associate

Ashli Godfrey
Teaching Associate

Joseph Jebari
Teaching Associate

Molly Wilder
Teaching Associate