Transfer Credit

Credit toward Georgetown degrees may be given for work done at other accredited institutions. The University determines how many credits a transfer course is worth, and how many credits may be transferred. The Philosophy Department then determines whether a particular course for which credit is sought fulfills Philosophy requirements (it helps in the determination of credit if students have syllabi, work samples, evidence that the instructor has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, etc). The course should have been taken in a Philosophy Department (except in exceptional circumstances), and at the level for which equivalent credit is sought. To receive credit for a particular Georgetown course, the content of the course must be very similar to the course for which credit is sought. Otherwise credit for other courses will be considered on an individual basis. Students planning to take courses outside of Georgetown toward their major or minor requirements and those wanting credit for core requirements in Philosophy should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please note that there are limits on the number of courses outside Georgetown that can be transferred toward a major (5).