Core Requirements

Georgetown, with its commitment to the Jesuit tradition, believes that men and women should consider reflectively their relationship to the world, their fellow humans, and God. 


As such, all Georgetown students must take two Philosophy courses: one in Ethics (PHIL 010, 100-149) and one in General Philosophy (020, 150-199). Courses taught outside the Philosophy Department do not satisfy either of these requirements unless they are cross-listed in philosophy. Requests to cross-list courses must be made by the Faculty member before the beginning of the semester.

There are two options for satisfying Core Philosophy: (i) Take one Ethics and one General Philosophy course; or (ii) Take PHIL 098 or 099 plus any other course from the range PHIL 010 to PHIL 199.

  1. Ethics: PHIL 010, or any course from PHIL 100 to PHIL 149.
  2. General Philosophy: PHIL 020, or any course from PHIL 150 to PHIL 199.
  3. PHIL 099 is for SFS students only.
  4. No PHIL course numbered 200 or higher satisfies the core requirement in philosophy.

Philosophy Prerequisites and Exclusions:

  • First Level: Students must take PHIL 010, 020, 098, or 099 as their first philosophy course before their senior year. (SFS students must take PHIL 099 in their first year.)

*** Seniors may not enroll in PHIL 010, 020, 098, or 099 ***

  • Second Level: Students may take courses numbered PHIL 100 to PHIL 199 only after taking one philosophy course.

** Students who have already taken one philosophy course are strongly advised to register for a course from PHIL 100 to PHIL 199 rather than a second 0-level course **

  • Third Level: Undergraduate students may take courses numbered PHIL 200 to PHIL 499 only after taking two courses from PHIL 001 to PHIL 199.
  • Graduate Level: PHIL 500–999 are for graduate students in philosophy. Other students with strong philosophy backgrounds and aptitude may enroll with permission of the instructor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Department Chair.