Past Dissertations

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Table 1: Dissertations from 2018-2010
Hailey Huget2020Moral Status: A Political Approach Margaret Little
Michael Barnes2019Subordinating Speech and the Construction of Social Hierarchies
Rebecca Kukla
Matthew Shields2019The Pragmatics and Epistemology of Conceptual DisagreementMark Lance
Quentin Fisher2019Being-Together: An Essay on the First-Person Plural Mark Lance
Megan Dean2019 Eating as a Self-Shaping Activity, Rebecca Kukla
Daniel Threet2019Relational Egalitarianism and Informal Social Interaction Henry Richardson
Joseph Rees2018Recognition’s Practical Inversions: Rousseauian Reflections Rebecca Kukla
Paul Cudney2018A Propositional Attitude Approach to EmotionsNancy Sherman
Gordon Shannon2017Association Theory: An Aristotelian Defense of Claim-RightsMark Murphy
Nabina Liebow2017Moral Responsibility and MicroaggressionsRebecca Kukla
Colin Hickey2017 Global Climate Justice and Individual DutiesMadison Powers & Maggie Litte
Cassie Herbert 2017 Exclusionary Speech and Constructions of CommunityRebecca Kukla
Jacob Earl2017 What We Owe to Those We Make: A Causalist Account of Procreators’ Parental ObligationsMaggie Little
Francisco Gallegos 2017 The Phenomenology of Moods: Time, Place, and Normative GripWilliam Blattner
Laura Guidry-Grimes 2017 Mental Diversity and Meaningful Psychiatric DisabilitiesAlisa Carse
Chong Un Choe-Smith2016 International Political Legitimacy and Procedural JusticeMark Murphy
Trip Glazer2016 The Language of EmotionRebecca Kukla
Patricia McShane 2015 In Defense of Dependence on Moral TestimonyMark Murphy
Torsten Menge2015 The Power of GenealogyRebecca Kukla
Anne Jeffrey2015 On the Moral Significance of Conscience Mark Murphy
Oren Magid2015 Heidegger’s Investigation of Death:  Human Finitude and The Final EndWilliam Blattner
Anthony Manela 2014 On GratitudeMaggie Little
Travis Rieder2014 On Reasons to Live Justifiably: In Support of a Humean Contractualist Account of Moral ReasonsHenry Richardson
Kyle Fruh2014 Sacrifices: The Paradigmatic, the Demanding, and the Heroic (new window) (new window)Judith Lichtenberg
Emily Evans2014 Uncertainty and the Justification of Environmental Health Research (new window) (new window)Tom Beauchamp
Diana Puglisi2014 A Relevance Theoretic Account of Definite Descriptions (new window) (new window)Wayne Davis
Ann Lloyd Breeden 2014 The Political Dimensions of Quotidian Choice and the Expressive Theory of Rationality (new window) (new window)Henry Richardson
Richard Fry2014 Hume’s Faculty-Based Account of Reasoning (new window) (new window)Tom Beauchamp
James Olsen2014 Mind, Body, and World: Resolving the Dreyfus-McDowell Debate (new window) (new window)William Blattner
Kelly Heuer2013 Underdetermination and the Will (new window) (new window)Maggie Little
Marcus Hedahl2013Owing It to Us (new window) (new window)Maggie Little
Yashar Saghai2013 The Ethics of Public Health NudgesMaggie Little
Tony Pfaff2013Resolving the Ethical Challenges of Irregular WarNancy Sherman
Nate Olson2012 Ties that Bind: Respect and Relationship-Based ResponsibilitiesHenry Richardson
Luke Maring2012Political Obligations Without AuthorityHenry Richardson
Christian Golden2012 Agony and Integrity: an Erotic Psychology for Prefigurative Ethical PracticeGerald Mara, Mark Lance
Karim Sadek2012 Islamic Democracy: The Struggle for and Limits of RecognitionTerry Pinkard
Daniel Quattrone2011 A Two-Dimensional Semantics for Epistemic Modals (new window) (new window)Steven Kuhn
Amy Sepinwall2011 Responsibility for Group Transgressions (new window) (new window)David Luban
Lee Okster2011 The Well-governed Person (new window) (new window)Alisa Carse
Jeffrey Engelhardt2011 The Metaphysical Role of Causal Roles (new window) (new window)Wayne Davis
David Bachyrycz2010 The Epistemological Foundation of Transcendental Phenomenology: Husserl and the Problem of KnowledgeJohn Brough
Justyna Japola2010 Fodor and Aquinas: The architecture of the mind and the nature of concept acquisition (new window) (new window)Wayne Davis
Table 2: Dissertations from 2009-2000
Lauren Fleming2009The Normativity of Personal CommitmentMaggie Little
Robert Leider2009 Justifying Self-Defense, Defense of Others, and the Use of Force in Law EnforcementHenry Richardson
Billy Lauinger2009 Human Well-Being: the No Priority TheoryMark Murphy
Tea Logar2009 Exploitation in Personal Relationships: from Consent to CaringMaggie Little
Kari Esbensen2008 Justice in the allocation of shared health care resources: Aiming for the elimination of preventable health shortfallsMadison Powers
Ashley Fernandes2008 Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, and the Philosophical Anthropology of Karol WojtylaEdmund Pellegrino
Chauncey Maher2007 Counting What We Do: a Normative-Functionalist Approach to Action IndividuationMark Lance
Michael Ferry2007 Beyond Obligation: Reasons, Demands and the Problem of SupererogationMark Murphy
Matthew McAdam2007 Self-Movement and Natural Normativity: Keeping Agents in the Causal Theory of ActionWayne Davis, Maggie Little
Jeremy Snyder2007 Exploitation and Demeaning Choices: Understanding the Long Line at the Sweatshop DoorMargaret Little
Matthew Rellihan2006Skepticism Naturalized?Wayne Davis
Katherine Taylor2006 Negative Freedom Revisited: Locating Responsibility for Structures of Domination (new window) (new window)Alisa Carse
Patricia Flynn2006 Fiduciary Obligations: The Moral Responsibilities of Boards of Trustees and DirectorsHenry Richardson
Elisa A. Hurley2006 Beyond Emotional Cognitivism: Feelings, Norms, and Folk-Psychological KindsMargaret Little & Nancy Sherman
Colleen MacNamara 2006 Beyond Praise and Blame: Toward a Theory of Holding Others ResponsibleMargaret Little
Daniel H. Levine2005 The Chronological Paradox in Customary International Law, or the Virtue of Sloppy Timing in a Messy WorldHenry Richardson
Michelle Strauss2005 A Social Account of IntegrityMargaret Little
Jennifer K. Walter2005 Achieving Mutually Respectful Public Discourse: A Normative ModelAlisa Carse
Justin Weinberg2004 Making Society Just: Associations, States, and Theories of JusticeHenry Richardson
Matthew Burstein2004 Neither Tortoises nor Snakes: How to be a Conscientious Objector in the Conflict between Foundationalism and CoherentismMark Lance
Todd Janke2004 Making Room for Bodily IntentionalityWilliam Blattner
Thane M. Naberhaus2004 The Problem of Transcendence in Husserl’s Early PhilosophyJohn Brough
Nathaniel Goldberg2004 Davidson, Analyticity, and Theory ConfirmationLinda Wetzel
Sven G. Sherman-Peterson2003 Implications of Evolutionary Biology for Metaethics and Moral ObjectivityG. Madison Powers
Eran Patrick Klein2002 Toward a Skill-Based Philosophy of MedicineEdmund Pellegrino
Harrison Keller2002 Rethinking Respect for PersonsHenry Richardson
Thaddeus Pope2002 A Definition and Defense of Hard Paternalism: A Conceptual and Normative Analysis of the Restriction of Substantially Autonomous Self-Regarding ConductTom Beauchamp
William H. White2002 Inferentialism and Practical ReasonMark Lance & Margaret Little
Stephen Scott Hanson2002A Content-Thin Solution to the Problem in BioethicsTom Beauchamp
Cynthia Foster Chance2000 A Social Status Conception of Agency and Its Implications for Accounts of OppressionTerry Pinkard
Lauren Christine Deichman2000 Rights, Equality and the Challenge of DifferenceAlisa Carse
Kevin Fitzgerald, SJ2000 Ethical Analysis of Human Genetic Interventions: A Response from Karl Rahner to the Need for Integrating Current Scientific Knowledge into Philosophical Anthropologies, (new window) (new window)LeRoy Walters
Jeffrey C. Jennings2000 Parental Authority in PediatricsEdmund Pellegrino
Table 3: Dissertations from 1999-1990
Frank Chessa1999 Coherentist Justification in EthicsTom Beauchamp
Elizabeth Hill Emmett-Mattox1999 Integrity and Impartiality: Reconciling Moral Theory and Moral LifeG. Madison Powers
John J. Gunkel1999 Truth and the Being of DaseinWilliam Blattner
Michael P. Wolf1999An Inferentialist Semantics for Natural Kind TermsMark Lance
Laura Jane Bishop1998 Family Matters: The Role of the Family in Medical Decision Making with Competent PatientsLeRoy Walters
Whitley Robert Peters Kaufman1998 Intending Versus Foreseeing Harm: The Foundation of Deontological ConstaintsHenry Richardson
Jeremy Randel Koons1998 A Conditional Defense of Moral RealismMark Lance
Sharon Ruth Livingston1998A Framework for Deontic Reasoning in Predicate LogicSteve Kuhn
Lester Aaron Myers1998 Accounting for Accountability: Philosophical Foundations for Corporate Financial DisclosureWilfried Ver Eecke
Randall K. O’Bannon1998 As God Commands: Reexamining Moral Theory to Find Euthphro’s Answer (Volumes 1 & 2)John Langan
Julia Pedroni1998 Moral Problems in the Monitoring of Clinical Trial Data and Access to Interim ResultsLeRoy Walters
Carol Mason Spicer1998A Social Contract of “Personhood”: Adequately Accounting for the Moral Status of “Noncontractors”LeRoy Walters
Susan Allison Stark1998 Morality and EmotionMargaret Little
Carol R. Taylor1997 The Morality Internal to the Practice of NursingEdmund Pellegrino
Andrew Cohen1997 The Communitarian Critique of Liberalism’s IndividualismG. Madison Powers
Suzanne Shevlin Edwards1997 The Ethics of Rescue: An Ethical Examination and Analysis of Society’s Responsibility to Provide Aid to its Members in NeedG. Madison Powers
Robin Fiore1997 Realizing Liberal Egalitarianism: Towards a Feminist Theory of EqualityG. Madison Powers
Kimberly Mattingly1997 How We Do Ethics: Wide Reflective Equilibrium and the Role of Intuitions in Contemporary Moral TheorizingG. Madison Powers
Wilhelmine Davis Miller1997 Egalitarianism and Self-RespectAlisa Carse
Frank Daniel Davis1996 Phronesis and the Physician: A Defense of the Practical Paradigm of Clinical Rationality (Volumes 1 & 2)Edmund Pellegrino
Judith Lee Kissell1996 A Comprehensive View of Complicity As Positive Collaboration and Toleration of EvilEdmund Pellegrino
Ronald Alan Lindsay1996 Self-Determination, Suicide and Euthanasia: The Implications of Autonomy for the Morality and Legality of Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Active Euthanasia (Volumes 1 & 2)Tom Beauchamp
Robert S. Olick1996 Deciding for Incompetent Patients: The Nature and Limit of Prospective Autonomy and Advance DirectivesRobert Veatch
William Edward Stempsey1996 Fact and Value in Disease and Diagnosis: A Proposal for Value-Dependent RealismRobert Veatch
John J. DeGioia1995 The Moral Theories of Charles Taylor and Alasdair MacIntyre and the Objective Moral OrderTerry Pinkard
Susan Beth Rubin1995 Futility: An Insufficient Justification for Physician Unilateral Decision MakingRobert Veatch
Daniel Patrick Sulmasy1995 Killing and Allowing to Die, Volumes 1 & 2Edmund Pellegrino
Paul Fein1994 We Have Ways: The Law and Morality of the Interrogation of Prisoners of War (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)John Langan
Catherine Myser1994 A Philosophical Critique of the ‘Best Interests’ Criterion and an Exploration of Balancing the Interests of Infants or Fetuses, Family Members, and Society in the United States, India, and SwedenLeRoy Walters
Laura Shanner1994 Phenomenology of the Child-Wish: New Reproductive Technologies and Ethical Responses to InfertilityLeRoy Walters
Christine Grady1993 Ethical Issues in the Development and Testing of a Preventative HIV VaccineLeRoy Walters
Kevin Arthur Kraus1993 Hoping in the Healing Process: An Integral Condition to the Ethics of CareEdmund Pellegrino
Patricia Von Gaertner Mazzarella1993 Can Eternal Objects Be the Foundation for a Process Theory of Morality?Edmund Pellegrino
Cynthia Anderson1992 Kant’s Theory of MeasurementJay Reuscher
Carol Jean Bayley1992 Values and Worldview in Clinical Research and the Practice of MedicineRobert Veatch
Leonard Ferenz1992 Social and Ethical Impacts of Life Extending Technologies and Interventions into the Aging ProcessRobert Veatch
Aaron Leonard Mackler1992 Cases and Considered Judgments: A Critical Appraisal of Casuistic Approaches in EthicsTom Beauchamp
Dennis E. Boyle1991 Geometry, Place Relations and the Illusion of Physical SpaceWayne Davis
Dianne Nutwell Irving1991 Philosophical and Scientific Analysis of the Nature of the Early Human EmbryoEdmund Pellegrino
Robert A. Mayhew1991 Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato’s Republic: A Philosophical CommentaryAlfonso Gomez-Lobo
Cecilia Regina Ortiz-Mena1991 From Existance to the Ideal: Continuity and Development in Kant’s TheologyJay Reuscher
Minerva San Juan1991 Being Moved by Reasons: The Superiority of Kant’s InternalismHenry Richardson
Christopher Francis Schiavone1991 The Contemplative Dimension of Rationality in the Thought of Karl Rahner: A Condition of Possibility for Revelation (Volumes 1 & 2)Frank Ambrosio
Virginia Ashby Sharpe1991 How the Liberal Idea Fails as a Foundation for Medical Ethics, or, Medical Ethics “In a Different Voice”Edmund Pellegrino
Mary Louise Wessell1991 Health Care for the Poor: A Critical Examination of the Views of Edmund A. Pellegrino and H. Tristram EngelhardtEdmund Pellegrino
Patrick Sven Arvidson1990 Limits in the Field of ConsciousnessJohn Brough
Sigrid Fry-Revere1990 The Social Accountability of Bioethics Committees and ConsultantsLeRoy Walters
Marilee R. Howard1990 The Relevance of Catholic Social Teachings for Determining Priorities for Rationing Health CareJohn Langan
Jeffrey Paul Kahn1990 The Principle of Nonmaleficence and the Problems of Reproductive Decision MakingTom Beauchamp
Mark Steven Mitsock1990 Husserl on Modern Philosophy: A Study of Erste PhilosophieJohn Brough
Maura Ann O’Brien1990 Moral Voice in Public Policy: Responding to the AIDS PandemicLeRoy Walters
William Charles Soderberg1990 Genetic Obligations to Future GenerationsLeRoy Walters
Susan Sylar Stocker1990 Husserl and Gadamer on Historicity of Understanding: Can Historicism Be Avoided?John Brough
Cornelia Tsakiridou1990 The Death of Form: Artistic Being and Artistic Culture in HegelWilfried Ver Eecke
Bruce David Weinstein1990 Moral Voice in Public Policy: Responding to the AIDS PandemicRobert Veatch
Table 4: Dissertations from 1989-1980
Fatin Khalil Ismail Al-Bustany1989Scientific Change as an Evolutionary, Information Process: Its Structural, Conceptual, and Cultural ElementsGeorge Farre
David Dion DeGrazia1989 Interests, Intuition, and Moral Status (Vol. 1)Tom Beauchamp
Jacqueline Jean Glover1989The Role of Physicians in Cost Containment: An Ethical AnalysisLeRoy Walters
John Lawrence Hill1989In Defense of Surrogate Parenting Arrangements: An Ethical and Legal AnalysisLeRoy Walters
Eric Mark Meslin1989Protecting Human Subjects from Harm in Medical Research: A Proposal for Improving Risk Judgments by Institutional Review BoardsLeRoy Walters
Albdelkader Aoudjit1988A Critique of Existential MarxismGeorge Farre
Mary Ann Gardell Cutter1988Explanation in Clinical Medicine: Analysis and CritiqueTom Beauchamp
Marcella Fausta Tarozzi Goldsmith1988Nonrepresentational Forms of the Comic: Humor, Irony, and JokesWilfried Ver Eecke
Margaret McKenna Houck1988Derek Parfit and Obligations to Future GenerationsLeRoy Walters
Erna Joy Kroeger Mappes1988The Ethics of Care and the Ethic of Rights: A Problem for Contemporary Moral TheoryTom Beauchamp
Rolland William Pack1988Case Studies and Moral Conclusions: The Philosophical Use of Case Studies in Biomedical EthicsEdmund Pellegrino
Joseph Francis Rautenberg1988Grisez, Finnis and the Proportionalists: Disputes over Commensurability and Moral Judgment in Natural LawRichard McCormick
Najla Abri Hamadeh Osman1987Freud’s Theory of the Death Instinct and Lacan’s InterpretationWilfried Ver Eecke
Devra Beck Simiu1987Disorder and Early Alienation: Lacan’s Original Theory of the Mirror StageWilfried Ver Eecke
Barry Kerlin Smith1987The Problem of Truth in LiteratureJohn Brough
James Winslow Anderson1986Three Abortion Theorists: A Critical AppreciationLeRoy Walters
Angela Rose Ricciardelli1986A Comparison of Wilfred Desan’s and Pierre Teihard de Chardin’s Thinking With Regard to the Nature of Man’s Survival in a United WorldSr. Virginia Gelger & Thomas McTighe
Gladys Benson White1986A Philosophical Analysis of the Normative Status of the FamilyLeRoy Walters
Timothy Owen Davis1985The Problem of Intersubjectivity in Husserlian PhenomenologyJohn Brough
Eric Thomas Juengst1985The Concept of Genetic Disease and Theories of Medical ProgressTom Beauchamp
Jameson Kurasha1985The Importance of Philosophy of Mind in Educational TheoryWayne Davis
Deborah Ruth Mathieu1985Preventing Harm and Respecting Liberty: Ethical and Legal Implications of New Prenatal TherapiesHenry Veatch
John Marcus Rose1985Plotinus and Heiddeger on Anxiety and the NothingThomas McTighe
Dorothy E. Vawter1985The Truth and Objectivity of Practical Propositions: Contemporary Arguments in Moral EpistemologyAlfonso Gomez-Lobo
Abigail Rian Evans1984Health, Healing and Healer: A Theological and Philosophical InquiryWilliam May
Sara Thompson Fry1984Protecting Privacy: Judicial Decision Making in Search of a PrincipleLeRoy Walters
Michael Patrick Malloy1984Civil Authority in Medieval Philosophy: Selected Commentaries of Aquinas and BonaventureThomas McTighe
Ray Edward Moseley1984Animal Rights: An Analysis of the Major Arguments for Animal RightsLeRoy Walters
Jody Palmour1984The Ancient Virtues and Vices: Philosophical Foundations for the Psychology, Ethics, and Politics of Human Development (Volume 1)Wilfried Ver Eecke
Marcia Winfred Sichol1984The Application of Just War Principles to Nuclear War and Deterrence in Three Contemporary Theorists: Michael Walzer, Paul Ramsey, and William V. O’BrienJohn Langan
Donald Clare Bogie1983For an Ethical IndividualismHenry Veatch
Katheryn A. Cabrey1982An Ethical Perspective on the Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources as Exemplified in the Federal Financing of Care to Renal PatientsLeRoy Walters
Alan Lawrence Udoff1982Evil, History and FaithThomas McTighe
William R. Casement1981Indoctrination and Contemporary Approaches to Moral EducationJesse Mann
John Francis Donovan1981Church-State Relations in Hegel’s Philosophy of RightThomas McTighe
Fr. Thomas Joseph Joyce1981Dewey’s Process of Inquiry as the Basis of His Educational ModelJesse Mann
Josef Kadlec1981Aging – A New Problem of Modern MedicineH. Tristram Engelhardt Jr.
James Joseph McCartney1981The Relationship Between Karol Wojtyla’s Personalism and the Contemporary Debate Over the Ontological Status of Human Embryological LifeRichard McCormick
Nina Virginia Mikhalevsky1981The Concept of Rational Being in Kant’sMetaphysics of the Groundwork of MoralsH. Tristram Engelhardt Jr.
John MacMillan Simons1981Spirit and Time: Plotinus’s Doctrine of the Two MattersThomas McTighe
Carol Ann Tauer1981The Moral Status of the Prenatal Human Subject of ResearchTom Beauchamp
Charlotte Elizabeth Witt1981Essentialism: Aristotle and the Contemporary ApproachAlfonso Gomez-Lobo
Emmanuel Damascus Akpan1980The Pseudo Deontology of John Rawls: In Defense of the Principle of UtilityTom Beauchamp
Johanna Maria Bantjes1980Kripke’s Interpretation of Wittgenstein’s Theory of Proper NamesGeorge Farre
Gary Martin Seay1980Prescriptivism and Moral WeaknessTom Beauchamp
Table 5: Dissertations from 1979-1970
Peter McLaren Black1979Killing and Letting DieTom Beauchamp
Ileana Jacoubovitch Grams1979The Logic of Insanity DefenseTom Beauchamp
Sander H. Lee1979Does Moral Freedom Imply Anarchism?Henry Veatch
Francine Michele Rainone1979Marx and the Classical Tradition in Moral PhilosophyHenry Veatch
Francis Joseph Kelly1978Structural and Developmental Aspects of the Formulation of Categoral Judgments in the Philosophy of Edmund HusserlJohn Brough
Richard Norman Stichler1978Ideals of FreedomTom Beauchamp
Charles Coulter Verharen1978The Demarcation of Philosophy from Science and Art in the Methodology of WittgensteinGeorge Farre
Harold Bleich1977Herbert Marcuse’s Philosophy: A Critical AnalysisWilfried Ver Eecke
Andrea Beryl King1977Benevolent Dictatorship in Plato’s Republicn.a.
Emil James Piscitelli1977Language and Method in the Philosophy of Religion: A Critical Study of the Philosophy of Bernard LoneganThomas McTighe
Jane S. Zembaty1977The Essentialism of Kripke and Madden and Metaphysical NecessityTom Beauchamp
Michael Jan Fuksa1976Logic, Language and the Free Will DefenseHenry Veatch
Ann Neale1976The Concept of Health in Medicine: A Philosophical AnalysisLeroy Walters & Tom Beauchamp
Richard Chibikodo Onwuanibe1976An Ethical Inquiry on Franz Fanon’s Revolutionary Humanism: A Critique of the Use of ViolenceHenry Veatch & Jesse Mann
Sue Ellen Sloca1976An Examination and Evaluation of Criticism Directed Against the Linguistic Relativity HypothesisWilfried Ver Eecke
Michael Eugene Downey1975Language About God: Analytic, Synthetic, or Synthetic a priori?Henry Veatch
John Joseph Drummond1975Presenting and Kinaesthetic Sensations in Husserl’s Phenomenology of PerceptionJohn Brough
Thomas James Hickey1975Systems Approach to the Logic of Justification in Ordinary LanguageGeorge Farre
Francis Ignatius Kane1975Heidegger’s Sein and Linguistic Analytic ObjectionsThomas McTighe
George John Marshall1975Can Human Nature Change?: A Tentative Answer in the Light of the Positions of Dewey, Sarte, and Their CriticsWilfred Desan & Jesse Mann
Michael Christopher Normile1975Individual and Society: Dewey’s Reconstruction and ResolutionJesse Mann
Kathleen Louise Usher1975A Clarification of Edmund Husserl’s Distinction Between Phenomenological Psychology and Transcendental Phenomenology John Brough
Debra Beth Bergoffen1974The Crisis of Western Consciousness: An Interpretation of Its Meaning Through an Analysis of the Temporal Symbols of Western CultureWilfried Ver Eecke
Sister Marietta Culhane1974Philosophical Clarification of the Contemporary Concept of Self-IdentityRocco Porreco
James George Fisher1974The Distinction Between Substances and Principal Attribute in DescartesThomas McTighe
Sister Patricia Hayes1974An Analysis of Kant’s Use of the Term ‘Metaphysics’John Reuscher
Thomas Albin Mappes1974Inductive Reasoning and Moral Reasoning: Parallel Patterns of JustificationTom Beauchamp
Joseph Edmund Martire1974The Logic of Depiction and the Logic of Description: An Analysis of ‘The Picture Theory’ of the Tractatus and Its Criticisms in the Philosophical InvestigationsGeorge Farre
John Patrick Mohr1974Self-Referential Language and the Existence of God in the Philosophy of HegelWilfried Ver Eecke
Sister Marilyn Clare Thie1974Whitehead on a Rational Explanation of Religious ExperienceLouis Dupré
Sister Mary-Rita Grady1973Time, The Form of the Will: An Essay on Josiah Royce’s Philosophy of TimeJesse Mann
Jerome Aloysius Miller1973The Irrefutability of Metaphysical TruthsThomas McTighe
Anne Rogers Devereux1973Der Vorgriff (The Pre-Apprehension of Being) and the Religious Act in Karl RahnerLouis Dupré
Thomas Toyoshi Tominaga1973A Wittgensteinian Inquiry into the Confusions Generated by the Question ‘What is the Meaning of a Word?’George Farre
Sister Mary Elizabeth Giegengack1972Can God Be Experienced? A Study in the Philosophy of Religion of William Ernest HockingLouis Dupré
Kevin Benedict McDonnell1971Religion and Ethics in the Philosophy of William of OckhamGermain Grisez
David Novak1971Suicide and Morality in Plato, Aquinas, and KantGermain Grisez
William M. Richards1971A New Interpretation of the Tractatus Logico-PhilosophicusGeorge Farre
Joseph Michael Boyle1970The Argument from Self-Referential Consistency: The Current DiscussionGermain Grisez
John Barnett Brough1970A Study of the Logic and Evolution of Edmund Husserl’s Theory of the Constitution of Time-Consciousness, 1893-1917Louis Dupré
Rev. Martin Joseph Lonergan1970Gabriel Marcel’s Phenomenology of IncarnationWilfred Desan
John Patrick Minahan1970The Metaphysical Misunderstanding of Wittgenstein’s TractatusGeorge Farre
George Francis Sefler1970The Structure of Language and its Relation to the World: A Methodological Study of the Writings of Martin Heidegger and Ludwig WittgensteinWilfred Desan
Thomas Joseph Shalvey1970The Philosophical Foundations of the Role of the Collective in the Work of Levi-StraussWilfred Desan
Olaf Philip Tollefsen1970Verification Procedures in Dialectical MetaphysicsGermain Grisez
Table 6: Dissertations from 1969-1960
Michael Didoha1969Conceptual Distortion and Intuitive Creativity: A Study of the Role of Knowledge in the Thought of Nicholas BerdyaevWilfred Desan
Joel Celedonio Ramirez1969The Personalist Metaphysics of Xavier ZubiriJesse Mann
Raymond Michael Herbenick1968C.S. Peirce and Contemporary Theories of the Systems Concept and Systems Approach to Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: An Introductory Essay on Systems Theory in Philosophical AnalysisJesse Mann
Rev. Walter John Stohrer1968The Role of Martin Heidegger’s Doctrine of Dasein in Karl Rahner’s Metaphysics of ManWilfred Desan
John H. Walsh1968A Fundamental Ontology of Play and LeisureWilfred Desan
Loretta Therese Zderad1968A Concept of EmpathyWilfred Desan
Mary-Angela Harper1967A Study of the Metaphysical Problem of IntersubjectivityLouis Dupré
Elena Lugo1967Jose Ortega y Gasset’s Sportive Sense of Life: His Philosophy of ManWilfred Desan
Carl Herman Pfuntner1967An Examination of the Extent of Philosophical Dependence, Methodological and Metaphysical, of John Dewey on Charles PeirceJesse Mann
Rev. Rene Firmin De Brabander1966Immanent Philosophy and Transcendent Religion: Henry Dumery’s Philosophy of ChristianityLouis Dupré
Joseph C. Mihalich1965The Notion of Value in the Existentialism of Jean-Paul SarteWilfred Desan
Magda Munoz-Colberg1965An Evaluation of Auguste Comte’s Theory of InequalityWilfred Desan
William A. Owen1964Whitehead’s Philosophy of Science the Concept of SubstanceJesse Mann
Thomas E. Schaefer1963The Meaning of Chun Tzu in the Thought of Menciusn.a.
Eulalio R. Baltazar1962A Critical Examination of the Methodology of The Phenomenon of ManWilfred Desan
Pierre Emile Nys1961Body and Soul: The Center of Metaphysics?Thomas McTighe
Paul R. Sullivan1961Ontic Aspects of Cognition in PoetryRudolph Allers
Forrest H. Peterson1960The Study of Power in the Philosophies of Hegel and MarxH. A. Rommen
Table 7: Dissertations from 1959-1958
Rev. John R. Kanda1959Certain Intellectual Operations and the Neo-Scholastic MethodEdward Hanrahan
Rev. Robert R. Kline1959The Present Status of Value Theory in the United StatesRudolph Allers
Joseph G. Connor1958The Jesuit College and Electivism: A Study in the Philosophy of American EducationJohn Daley
Robert P. Goodwin1958The Metaphysical Pragmatism of Charles Sanders PeirceRudolph Allers
John Paul W. Fitzgibbon1958The Philosophy of Poetic Symbolism, Medieval and ModernRudolph Allers