Graduate Program

The Department of Philosophy offers a program of study that leads to the PhD in philosophy. We also offer programs that lead to either the PhD or MA in philosophy in conjunction with a JD in law or an MD in medicine. 

Our graduate programs reflect our pluralistic orientation as a department that values both historical and contemporary philosophical approaches, as well as public-facing and practically engaged philosophy. We have broad strengths in ethical theory and practical ethics (especially bioethics), social and political philosophy, philosophy of language, epistemology, modern European philosophy, and the Catholic philosophical tradition. Members of the Department also have distinctive research interests relevant to the graduate program in feminist philosophy, philosophy of gender, moral psychology, social epistemology, disability studies, philosophical approaches to race, science and social values, and philosophy of law.

We are committed to preparing our graduate students to do advanced research in philosophy, to recognize and realize professional standards within the discipline; to design and pursue both independent and collaborative research programs; and to achieve teaching excellence. We train not just teachers and scholars, but ethics consultants and other “alt-ac” professionals who participate in sophisticated applications of their doctoral training beyond the academy.

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