Full-Time Faculty

Sean Aas

Assistant Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: sda6@georgetown.edu

Interests: Political Philosophy, Bioethics and Metaethics

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William Blattner


Email: William.Blattner@georgetown.edu

Interests: Heidegger, Kant, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Philosophy of History

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Alisa Carse

Associate Professor

Email: carsea@georgetown.edu

Interests: Moral Psychology, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Theory

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Will Fleisher

Assistant Professor

Email: Will.Fleisher@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics of AI, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science

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John Greco

Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt L.C.H.S Chair in Philosophy and Director of Graduate Admissions

Email: john.greco@georgetown.edu

Interests: Epistemology (especially skepticism, virtue epistemology, social epistemology); action theory; Philosophy of Religion; Thomas Reid.

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Bryce Huebner

Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor

Email: Bryce.Huebner@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology

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Ya Yun (Sherry) Kao

Assistant Teaching Professor

Email: yk652@georgetown.edu

Interests: Normative Ethics, Value Theory, Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, History of Ethics, Social and Political philosophy, Chinese Philosophy

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Quill Rebecca Kukla

Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: rk75@georgetown.edu

Interests: Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science (especially medicine and geography), Feminist and Anti-Oppressive Philosophy

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Mark Lance

Professor of Philosophy and Justice & Peace

Email: lancem@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Anarchism

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Neil Lewis

Professor and Coordinator of the Honors Program

Email: lewisn@georgetown.edu

Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics

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David Lindeman

Assistant Teaching Professor

Email: David.Lindeman@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Language, Mind, and Psychology; Logic, Existentialism.

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Maggie Little

Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: littlem@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Feminist Theory, Bioethics

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Huaping Lu-Adler

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Interests: Kant, History of Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Social Epistemology, Classical Chinese Philosophy

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David Luban

University Professor of Law and Philosophy

Email: luband@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence, Legal Ethics, Human Rights, Just War Theory

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James Mattingly


Email: jmm67@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

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Mark Murphy

Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt Chair of Religious Philosophy and Department Chair

Interests: Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy; History of Modern Philosophy

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Terry Pinkard

University Professor

Email: Terry.Pinkard@georgetown.edu

Interests: Hegel, European Philosophy after Kant

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Joel Michael Reynolds

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Disability Studies, Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and Director of Graduate Placement

Email: Joel.Reynolds@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Disability, Bioethics, Social Epistemology, European Philosophy

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Henry Richardson

Professor, Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: Henry. Richardson@georgetown.edu

Interests: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Practical Reasoning

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Nancy Sherman

University Professor

Email: shermann@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, History of Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Ethics, Military Ethics, Emotions

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Karen Stohr

Ryan Family Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy, Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: Karen.Stohr@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, Social Philosophy, and Bioethics

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Daniel Sulmasy

Andre Hellegers Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director, Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: sulmasyd@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics of End-of-Life Decision Making, Ethics Education, and Spirituality in Medicine

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Femi Táíwò

Associate Professor

Interests: Ethics Theory, Social/Political Philosophy, Black Radical Traditions, and the Intersections of Philosophy and Social Science (particularly economics)

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Wilfried Ver Eecke


Interests: Philosophy and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Hegel, Ethics of Economics, Lacan, Contemporary Continental Philosophy

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Thomas Williams

Isabelle A. and Henry D. Martin Professor of Medieval Philosophy

Email: thomas.williams@georgetown.edu

Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Ethics and Action Theory, and the Theology of Atonement

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Katherine Withy

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Email: Kate.Withy@georgetown.edu

Interests: Heidegger, 20th Century European Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

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Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty teach courses in the Philosophy Department and may sit on doctoral committees.

Jason Brennan 
Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor
McDonough School of Business

Erin M. Cline (new window)
Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Heidi Feldman
Professor of Law and Co-Director, Joint Degree in Law and Philosophy Program
Georgetown University Law Center

John Hasnas
Professor and Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics
McDonough School of Business

John Keown
Rose F. Kennedy Professor in Christian Ethics
Kennedy Institute of Ethics

John Mikhail
Carroll Professor of Jurisprudence
Georgetown University Law Center

William Sullivan (new window)
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Chair in Bioethics, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine

Edward Soule
Associate Professor
McDonough School of Business

Carol Taylor
Professor on the Educator Track
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Kevin Tobia
Professor of Law
Georgetown Law

John DeGioia
University President