Current Dissertations

Below, you will find a list of dissertations currently being written by our PhD students. To view a list of completed dissertations, please see our Past Dissertations page.

Michael Barnes
"Subordinating Speech and the Construction of Social Hierarchies: How Language Maintains Oppression"
Director: Rebecca Kukla

Jacob Earl
"On Moral Reasons to Parent Our Infant Children"
Director: Maggie Little

Cassie Herbert
"Exclusionary Speech and Moral Accountability"
Director: Rebecca Kukla

Colin Hickey
"Global Climate Justice and Individual Duties"
Co-Directors: Madison Powers & Maggie Little

McKay Holland
"Extending Agency: Home, Niche Construction, and Relational Autonomy"
Director: Bryce Huebner

Hailey Huget
"Moral Citizenship, Status, and Community"
Director: Maggie Little

Nabina Liebow
"Moral Responsibility and Microaggressions"
Director: Rebecca Kukla

Gordon Shannon
"A Neo-Aristotelian Theory of Rights"
Director: Mark Murphy

Matthew Shields
"The Pragmatics of Conceptual Change"
Director: Mark Lance

Daniel Threet
"Relational Egalitarianism and the Division of Moral Labor"
Director: Henry Richardson