Placement Record

Composite statistics for the past ten academic years (2005-06 through 2014-15)

Note: this table only counts those who entered the academic job market. See the discussion of this below.

Over the past ten years, 63% (20 out of 32) of our graduates have landed in a tenure-track academic teaching position or postdoctoral fellowship. It sometimes takes a few years for a graduate to secure desirable employment that is not temporary. Looking at the back end of the past ten years, 53% (8 out of 15, incl. one person who left a tenure-track position for a more desirable public interest leadership role) of our graduates ended up with tenure-track teaching positions, and 50% of those in years 7 through 10 (i.e., out long enough to have applied for tenure) are now tenured.

Result Past 10 Years Past 5 Years Previous 5 Years
Entered the Job Market in Philospphy 32 18 14
Tenured Associate or Full Professors 6   (43%) N/A 6   (43%)
Tenure-Track Assistant Professors 9   (28%) 5  (44%) 1   (7%)
Postdoctoral Fellowships 5  (16%) 51  (28%) 03
Non-Tenure Track Teaching Positions 5  (16%) 2  (11%) 3  (21%)
Academic Research Positions (non-tenure-track) 0 0 0
Non-Academic Employment for Which Their Phd Is Relevant 4 32 14
Academic Administrative Position 2 2 0
Unplaced 2 (6%) 2  (11%) 0

1Kelly Heuer (new window) held a postdoc, but then took a highly desirable academic administrative position as Head of Communications & Project Development, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown.
2Dan Quattrone (new window) and Diana Puglisi accepted research positions as ontologists at Cycorp, a private artificial intelligence research business. Col. Charles A. Pfaff is a member of the Policy Planning Staff of the Dept. of State.
3All have since moved on. 
4Elisa Hurley (new window) left a tenure-track assistant professorship at the Univ. of Western Ontario to assume the directorship of PRIM&R. 

Since our PhD program has over the years produced a number of PhD’s who did not enter the academic job market in philosophy, we do not count those people in our placement statistics. You’ll see below from the detailed list (which includes everyone who earned a PhD in our program) that a significant number of our graduates were part of MD-PhD or JD-PhD tracks. (Some took both degrees at GU, others earned the MD or JD elsewhere.) Others did not enter the academic job market in philosophy for personal reasons. Some were coordinating with a spouse. Some pursued the PhD as a form of intellectual development without the aim of teaching in a college or university. Others decided along the way that other priorities mattered more to them than making a career of philosophy. Those who did not enter the academic job market in philosophy – whether for professional reasons or personal – are marked with an asterisk below.

Detailed Record

Beginning with the 2014–15 job hunting season, we will list all job events from the year, incl. PhD’s from earlier years who changed jobs or found first-time employment during this year.

* = did not enter the academic job market in philosophy


Chong Un Choe-Smith
PhD, 2016
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
California State U, Sacramento

Anne Jeffrey (new window)
PhD, 2015
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
University of South Alabama

Torsten Menge
PhD, 2015
Post-doctoral Lab Director
Connected Academics / Reinvent the PhD/H (new window)
and Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy
Georgetown University


Emily Evans (new window)*
PhD, 2014
Program Officer in Comparative Clinical Effectiveness Research (CER) Methods and Infrastructure Program
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Christian Golden
PhD, 2012
Visiting Lecturer
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Laura Guidry-Grimes*
Clinicial Ethicist
Washington Hospital Center

Anne Jeffrey (new window)
PhD, 2015
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Hope, Optimism, and God project
University of Notre Dame

Patricia McShane (new window)
PhD, 2015
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
University of Portland

James Olsen (new window)
PhD, 2013
Program Manager for Faculty Initiatives
Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Georgetown University

Nate Olson (new window)
PhD, 2012
Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track)
California State University, Bakersfield

Travis Rieder (new window)
PhD, 2014
Assistant Director of Education Initiatives & Research Scholar
Berman Institute of Bioethics
Johns Hopkins University

Gordon Shannon
Pre/Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
“Reinventing How Business Schools Teach Morality of Capitalism, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship,”

Detailed Record, ordered by the year the PhD was granted:


Ann Lloyd Breeden (new window)*
Secretary to the Board of Trustees, University of Richmond

Kyle Fruh (new window)
Visting Assistant Professor (3-year term), Beloit College

Richard Fry (new window)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Travis Rieder (new window)*
Postdoctoral Fellow, Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University

Diana Puglisi*
Ontologist, Cycorp, Austin TX.


Marcus Hedahl
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), United States Naval Academy
Previously: Dahrendorf Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics

Kelly Heuer (new window)
Head of Communications & Project Development, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown
previously, Postdoctoral Fellow, the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown

James Olsen (new window)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Pedagogy and Teaching Design, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Georgetown

Yashar Saghai (new window)
director of the Global Food Project and Post-Doctoral Fellow, the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Ethics


Christian Golden

Luke Maring (new window)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Northern Arizona University

Lee Okster (new window)*
Professorial Lecturer, Dept. of Philosophy, the George Washington University

Nate Olson (new window)
Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow, Thinking Matters Interdisciplinary Program, Stanford University

Col. Tony Pfaff (new window)*
member of the Policy Planning Staff, US Department of State

Karim Sadek (new window)
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts and Humanities, American University of Beirut


Jeff Engelhardt (new window)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Dickinson Coll.
previously, Visiting Assistant Professor (renewable), Siena Heights Univ.

Daniel Quattrone (new window)
Ontologist, Cycorp, Inc.

Amy Sepinwall (new window)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


David Bachyrycz (new window)
Teaching Fellow, St. Norbert Coll.
Previously: Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow,  Fordham University

Justyna Japola
Instructor, Strayer University


Lauren Fleming (1980-2011)
former Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech.
Previously: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound

William Lauinger (new window)
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Chestnut Hill College
Previously: Fordham University (one-year position)

Robert Leider*
Entered Yale Law School to pursue a career with a JD-PhD
Offer pending.

Tea Logar (new window)*
Research Assistant, Global Health Ethics Curriculum Development, Univ. of California, San Francisco


Kari L. Esbensen, MD*
Practicing Internist, northern Virginia

Ashley K. Fernandes, MD (new window)*
Associate Director, Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Associate Professor of Community Health and Pediatrics, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University

Michael Ferry
Associate Professor (with tenure) as of Fall 2014, Spring Hill College

Matthew McAdam (new window)*
Humanities Editor, John Hopkins University Press.
Previously: Rowman & Littlefield Press.

Chauncey Maher (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Dickinson College


Matthew Rellihan (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Seattle University

Jeremy Snyder (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Simon Fraser University

Sr. Patricia Flynn (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), St. Joseph’s College of Maine


Elisa Hurley (new window)
Education Director, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research, PRIM&R
previously, Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Western Ontario

Coleen Macnamara (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), University of California, Riverside

Katherine Taylor (new window)*
Adjunct Lecturer in Health Care Ethics, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Drexel University


Jennifer Walter, MD, MS (new window)*
Dept. of Medical Ethics and Health Policy and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Attending Pediatric Physician in the Division of General Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Daniel Levine (new window)*
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Maryland, College Park, School of Public Policy
Levine earned an MA in the Master’s of Public Policy program at the University of Maryland.

Misha Strauss Moore (new window)*
Director, Ambulatory Network Operations at St Mary Mercy Hospital, Detroit; Administrator, Moore Pediatrics & Associates


Matthew Burstein (new window)
Senior Writer/Editor at JBS International, Inc.
previously, Visiting Assistant Professor, Washingont & Lee University Academic Program Officer for Instruction & New Media, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown (2010–2012); 
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (2006–10; left for personal reasons); Lecturer (renewable), Southern Methodist University

Todd Janke (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Clayton College & State University

Justin Weinberg  (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), University of South Carolina


Nathaniel Goldberg (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Washington and Lee University

Thane Naberhaus (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Mount Saint Mary’s College, Emmitsburg, Maryland

Sven Peterson*
earned a JD at Columbia Law School
Attorney in private practice


Harrison Keller (new window)*
Vice Provost for Higher Education Policy and Research and Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Visiting Professor, the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Policy, the University of Texas at Austin
Previously: director of research for the Texas House of Representatives and senior education policy analyst for the speaker of the Texas House

Eran Klein (new window), MD*
Assistant Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Sciences University and a staff physician at the Portland VA Medical Center

Thaddeus Pope (new window), JD
Director, Health Law Institute and Associate Professor of Law, Hamline University
Previously: University of Memphis Law School (tenure-track)


Lauren Deichman*

Stephen Hanson (new window), MD
Associate Professor (with tenure) of Philosophy and Adjunct Associate Professor of Family and Geriatric Medicine, the University of Louisville.

Jeffrey Jennings (new window), MD*
Yale-New Haven Hospital

Heath White (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Cynthia Chance (new window)
Directory of Faculty Affairs and Assistant Provost, Georgetown

Frank Chessa
Director of Clinical Ethics, Maine Medical Center
Previously: University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Jeremy Koons (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure) and Member of the Core Faculty, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Previously: The American University of Beirut (renewable)

Susan Stark (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Bates College
Previously: UC Davis (one-year renewable)

Michael P. Wolf (new window)
Associate Professor (with tenure), Washington and Jefferson College


Andrew J. Cohen
Associate Professor, Georgia State University

Elizabeth Emmett-Maddox (new window)*
Dream Garden Coaching

Robin Fiore (new window)
Director, Special Ethics Initiatives and Co-Director, Research Ethics Consultation Service, the Ethics Programs of the University of Miami
Previously: Adelaide R. Snyder Professor of Ethics and Associate Professor (with tenure) of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University

John Gunkel (new window)*
Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services, Rutgers University, Newark

Sharon Livingston (new window)
Faculty, Huntsville Bible College

Whitley Kaufman (new window)
Professor, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Judith Kissell (new window)
Director of the Creighton University Health Administration and Policy Program and Resident Associate Professor of Philosophy, Creighton University

Wilhelmine Miller (new window)*
Senior Fellow in the Health Care Research department, NORC at the University of Chicago, and Associate Research Professor, Department of Health Policy, the George Washington University

Julia Pedroni (new window)*
Lecturer, Williams College
Previously: Lecturer, Miami University