Registration and Add/Drop


For Fall 2014, the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies is Karen Stohr (new window). Please contact her at or (202) 687-1978 if you have any questions related to adding/dropping core classes.

General Rules

  1. All students must take one course in ethics and one course in non-ethics. Students who have taken PHIL 098 or PHIL 099 may choose a second course in either area.
  2. The first course in philosophy will ordinarily be PHIL 010 or PHIL 020, and the second course will ordinarily be a bridge course (PHIL 100-199).
  3. Seniors are not permitted to enroll in PHIL 010 or PHIL 020 except in unusual circumstances. Seniors who have not yet taken any philosophy courses should enroll in bridge courses for their first and second philosophy course.
  4. No course numbered >200 will count toward the core requirement. Courses at the 200 level or above have a prerequisite of two philosophy courses.

Add/Drop Policies

  1. The Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for providing department approval on all add forms for core philosophy courses.
  2. For closed courses, the department will rely on the Registrar’s waitlist system whenever possible.
  3. Students will be given permission to add into closed courses only in unusual circumstances such as intractable schedule conflicts. Any student with such a conflict must get confirmation of it from his or her Dean (or for NHS students, Academic Affairs advisor) before the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies will review the request.