Center for Medieval Philosophy's Research Associate Sandra Strachan-Vieira is a 2015 ITEL Open Track grant team awardee for "The Global Middle Ages"

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Professor of History David Goldfrank, Assistant Dean Stefan Zimmers, and the Center for Medieval Philosophy Research Associate Sandra Strachan-Vieira were awarded a 2015 ITEL Open Track grant for their proposal “The Global Middle Ages.”  The key conceptual innovation of the proposal was to expand how the Middle Ages is normally taught, from a Eurocentric focus to include most of the Old World — from Ireland to Japan, Beijing to Sri Lanka, Paris to Timbuktu.  This ITEL Open Grant proposal aims to develop a cross-disciplinary “bank” of video modules that fit not only our envisioned new “The Global Middle Ages,” course, but also the offerings of multiple other departments.  The goal is to enhance student learning by integrating advanced technologies in order to make the experiences of distant times and places come alive without sacrificing academic rigor.  Specialists in Art History, Theology, Philosophy, and a host of medieval works of literature will join historians to create single- or cross-civilization, graphic-enhanced video modules using lectures, interviews, debates, and roundtables.