GU Philosophy PhD Program Rated Among the Best in the Country

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In a recent independent analysis of both subjective student satisfaction and objective factors such as diversity, placement, and post-graduate success, Georgetown’s PhD program in Philosophy ranks among the best in the Anglophone world. The study was carried about by Prof. Carolyn Dicey Jennings and her team at the Academic Placement Data and Analysis project, co-sponsored by the University of California, Merced and the American Philosophical Association. 

Central points of pride: 

  • Georgetown’s PhD program in Philosophy was rated among the top 15 for student satisfaction – along with the programs at other internationally renowned institutions, such as U.C. Berkley, Univ. of Southern California, M.I.T., and the Univ. of Michigan (to name a few). Georgetown’s program was the only one of these programs with a specific focus in ethics
  • In the analysis, Georgetown is one of four programs in the top 15 for student satisfaction that also rates among the top 15 for percentage of women (along with North Carolina, M.I.T, and the Univ. of Cambridge’s program in the history and philosophy of science). 
  • In placement, Georgetown’s program is rated in the top 15 for highest average salary among graduates of the program. 
  • Although technically not included among the top 15 in “permanent academic placement,” Georgetown’s permanent academic placement rate of 60%, according to APDA’s analysis, is 1% below the 15th program (Emory Univ. at 61%). (It will be interesting to see what the figures look like next year, since during spring 2020, we placed two students into excellent tenure-line positions: Katherine Ward at Bucknell Univ. and Megan Dean at Michigan State Univ.