Sean Aas

Assistant Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Email: sda6@georgetown.edu

Interests: Political philosophy, bioethics and metaethics

Personal Website

Frank Ambrosio

Associate Professor, PhD, Fordham, 1982

Email: ambrosif@georgetown.edu

Interests: Hermeneutics and Deconstruction, especially the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Jacques Derrida; Plato, Existentialism, Dante, and Christian Philosophy

Faculty Profile

William Blattner

Professor & Department Chair, PhD, Pittsburgh, 1989

Email: William.Blattner@georgetown.edu

Interests: Heidegger, Kant, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Philosophy of History

Personal Website

David Bronstein (on leave 2019-20)

Associate Professor, PhD, Toronto, 2008

Email: David.Bronstein@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ancient Philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle; Early Modern Philosophy

Faculty Profile

Alisa Carse

Associate Professor, PhD, Pittsburgh, 1991

Email: carsea@georgetown.edu

Interests: Moral Psychology, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Theory

Faculty Profile

Wayne Davis

Professor, PhD, Princeton, 1977

Email: Wayne.Davis@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Logic

Faculty Profile

John Greco

Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt L.C.H.S Chair in Philosophy, Ph.D., Brown 1989

Email: john.greco@georgetown.edu

Interests: Epistemology (especially skepticism, virtue epistemology, social epistemology); action theory; philosophy of religion; Thomas Reid.

Personal Website

Bryce Huebner (On leave Spring 2020)

Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor, PhD, North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 2008

Email: Bryce.Huebner@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology

Personal Website

Ya Yun Kao (Sherry)

Assistant Teaching Professor, PhD, Rice University, 2019

Email: yk652@georgetown.edu

Interests: Normative Ethics, Value Theory, Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, History of Ethics, Social and Political philosophy, Chinese Philosophy

Faculty Profile

Quill Rebecca Kukla (on leave Spring 2020)

Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, PhD, Pittsburgh, 1996

Email: Rebecca.Kukla@georgetown.edu

Interests: Social epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science (especially medicine and geography), feminist and anti-oppressive philosophy

Faculty Profile

Mark Lance

Professor of Philosophy and Justice & Peace, PhD, Pittsburgh, 1988

Email: lancem@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Anarchism

Faculty Profile

Neil Lewis

Associate Professor, PhD, Pittsburgh, 1988

Email: lewisn@georgetown.edu

Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics

Faculty Profile

Judith Lichtenberg

Professor, PhD, CUNY 1978

Email: Judith.Lichtenberg@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy

Personal Website

David Lindeman

Assistant Teaching Professor, PhD, Johns Hopkins, 2019

Email: David.Lindeman@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Language, Mind, and Psychology; Logic, Existentialism.

Faculty Profile

Maggie Little

Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, PhD, Berkeley, 1994

Email: littlem@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Feminist Theory, Bioethics

Personal Website

Huaping Lu-Adler

Associate Professor, PhD, Univ. of California, Davis, 2012

Interests: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, History of Logic, Philosophy of Language

Faculty Profile

David Luban

University Professor & Professor of Law, PhD, Yale, 1974

Email: luband@law.georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence, Legal Ethics, Human Rights, Just War Theory

Faculty Profile

James Mattingly

Associate Professor, PhD, Indiana, 2002

Email: jmm67@georgetown.edu

Interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

Faculty Profile

Shelbi Meissner

Assistant Professor, PhD, Michigan State, 2019

Email: sm3551@georgetown.edu

Interests: American Indian and Indigenous Philosophy, Philosophies of Language, Feminist Epistemology, Philosophy of Race

Faculty Profile

Mark Murphy

Professor, McDevitt Chair of Religious Philosophy, PhD, Notre Dame, 1993

Interests: Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy; History of Modern Philosophy

Personal Website

Terry Pinkard

University Professor, PhD, Stony Brook, 1974

Email: Terry.Pinkard@georgetown.edu

Interests: Hegel, European Philosophy after Kant

Madison Powers

Professor & Francis J. McNamara Chair & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, D. Phil, Oxford, 1989

Email: powersm@georgetown.edu

Interests: Political Philosophy, Bioethics

Faculty Profile

Henry Richardson (On leave 2019-2020)

Professor & Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, PhD, Harvard, 1986

Email: Henry. Richardson@georgetown.edu

Interests: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Practical Reasoning

Personal Website

Nancy Sherman (On leave Spring 2020)

University Professor, PhD, Harvard, 1982

Email: shermann@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, History of Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Ethics, Military Ethics, Emotions

Personal Website

Karen Stohr

Ryan Term Associate Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy, PhD, North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 1999

Email: Karen.Stohr@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics, Bioethics

Personal Website

Daniel Sulmasy

Andre Hellegers Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Acting Director, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, MD, Cornell Medical College; PhD, Georgetown University

Email: sulmasyd@georgetown.edu

Interests: Ethics of End-of-Life Decision Making, Ethics Education, and Spirituality in Medicine

Faculty Profile

Femi Táíwò

Assistant Professor, PhD, UCLA, 2018

Interests: Ethics Theory, Social/Political Philosophy, Black Radical Traditions, and the Intersections of Philosophy and Social Science (particularly economics)

Faculty Profile

Wilfried Ver Eecke

Professor, PhD, Louvain, 1966

Interests: Philosophy and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Hegel, Ethics of Economics, Lacan, Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Faculty Profile

Katherine Withy (On leave Spring 2020)

Associate Professor, PhD, Chicago, 2009

Email: Kate.Withy@georgetown.edu

Interests: Heidegger, 20th Century European Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Faculty Profile