Other Events

In addition to the annual Lecture Series, the Philosophy Department offers a range of workshops, talks, and colloquia.


All talks are open to GU faculty and students unless otherwise specified. 


Graduate Student Writers’ Workshop

The Graduate Student Writers’ Workshop is a small group of philosophy graduate students who meet two or three times per month in order to ‘workshop’ a paper by one of its members. The presenting member of the group distributes her or his paper a week in advance, and all members are expected to read it prior to the meeting. Each meeting is kicked off by a commenter, who presents a very brief overview of and some critical reactions to the paper. The goals of the group include: helping one another to grow and polish pieces of philosophy that are in relatively early stages; providing practice runs for conferences or job talks; providing feedback on chapters of our peers’ dissertations; learning about one another’s interests; and improving all members’ skills at giving and receiving feedback. The group meets on Fridays when there is no departmental speaker, and is restricted to philosophy graduate students.

For more information, please contact  Philosophy.

20th Century European Philosophy Workshop

This workshop is a forum for graduate students in the Philosophy Department who are working on and interested in the texts, thinkers and topics associated with 20th Century European Philosophy (understood broadly). It provides a setting for intense, high-level discussion in which the participants’ background, and interest, in the relevant material can be assumed. Meetings are devoted primarily to presentation and discussion of graduate student papers or dissertation chapters, and secondarily to critical discussion of a text or texts from the 20th Century European tradition. The workshop also invites outside speakers on occasion. In addition to its academic function, the workshop serves a social function. It brings together graduate students from all stages of the program – and outside the program – who are united by a common philosophical interest.

For more information, please contact  Katherine Ward.